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Hotfix released for timer job errors – Event ID’s 7076, 6398 , 6432 and 6482

‘cwhite’ has just posted on the sharepoint ‘from the field’ blog on a hotfix release to fix timer job issues. This has also been known as the ‘timer job shocker’. Initially I read some reports that it might be due

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Publishing pages with fine grained permissions not indexed

I’m on sharepoint designer training this week and getting up to speed to sharepoint publishing and WCM. I spotted another bizarre default behaviour in sharepoint yesterday. If you have a publishing site and you apply individual permissions to pages (also

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MOSS / Sharepoint 2007 SP1 release notes summary

01-DEC-2007, just an update Joel has posted on the official sharepoint team blog a further update on SP1. ———————————————————————— Cezary Aniƛko has just posted some notes that look like a high level summary of what will be in Sharepoint 2007

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