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SharePoint Search results not visible for users

Hi Everyone it’s been a long time between posts. A while ago I moved to Synergy Corporate Technologies where I have been blogging on the company website. So what I will do is cross post links to the articles I’m

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Update on Sharepoint Backup problem post SP1 – OSearch DCOM

Hi All, Microsoft have just released a hotfix to search DCOM permission post SP1 problem which I wrote about previously. The hotfix can be found here.

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Sharepoint Backup problem post SP1 – OSearch DCOM

Hi All, I’ve just stumbled across a problem post MOSS 2007 SP1. After applying SP1 to an existing installation and running a full catastrophic backup it fails on the shared search index item with an error regarding UnauthorizedAccessException.¬† The environment

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Adobe labs acrobat v8 ifilter for 64bit sharepoint – prerelease

Just stumbled across this on a Google search. Adobe Labs have a pre-release of how to support Adobe Reader v8.1 ifilter on 64bit sharepoint. I’ll admit that I haven’t tested this yet and it involves a 64bit ‘thunking’ layer. In

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Publishing pages with fine grained permissions not indexed

I’m on sharepoint designer training this week and getting up to speed to sharepoint publishing and WCM. I spotted another bizarre default behaviour in sharepoint yesterday. If you have a publishing site and you apply individual permissions to pages (also

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Enabling the inbuilt msg ifilter on sharepoint (even 64bit!)

One of our big decisions on the proposed physical architecture of our sharepoint farms has been can we go 64bit on the index server. For us the ability to index .msg files is crucial and until now I thought I

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Adding Sharepoint search to IE7 search drop down

Just discovered this cool feature in IE7 that you can add custom search providers. Mark Harrison originally posted some reg hacking on how to this. You can also do it from the front end of IE7. For example if you want

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Sharepoint search crawl problem

Just found this post on Mike Hanley’s blog regarding the sharepoint search crawl not stopping due to a problem with the SQL database maintenance plan. Basically the plan will recreate the indexes without the ‘allow duplicate keys’ ticked. Microsoft have

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