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stsadm xml output and excel

This is kind of obvious but I just hadn’t thought about doing it. I was playing with the list of sites commands and seeing the output on the command line in xml format. It’s a lot of info on the

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Sending alerts to groups in Sharepoint 2007

Creating an alert that sends to a group can be a powerful feature in Sharepoint, however even though it seems straight forward there are some tricks to make it work and it is ‘clunky’ in some areas. The first trick

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How to limit a site to only see users who are a member of that site

Just stumbled across this piece of info in the technet2 doco. You can set the peoplepicker-onlysearchwithinsitecollection property to yes to only show users that are a member of that site. This is great for extranet type site collections that you want

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Enabling web application error reporting for sharepoint

Paul Stork from Mindsharp just posted this to the sharepoint discussions yahoo group and I thought it was worth writing down as I am sure that I will need to use this one day. If you ever receive the classic

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Adding Sharepoint search to IE7 search drop down

Just discovered this cool feature in IE7 that you can add custom search providers. Mark Harrison originally posted some reg hacking on how to this. You can also do it from the front end of IE7. For example if you want

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How to enable advanced search in a new site collection

When you create an additional site collection under a managed path, the standard search settings do not show and advanced search link. Providing that your root site collection contains a search centre this can be fixed. I have created my

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Configuring Foxit 64bit PDF ifilter

Adir Ron has posted on his blog the instructions for making the Foxit 64bit PDF ifilter work with Sharepoint 2007. Taking from his article is the following reg hack instructions on registering the ifilter with the sharepoint search. After you

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Creating site collection templates

[I’ve been meaning to update this post for quite sometime. Please don’t do this procedure even though it was documented in MSDN. If you do this when you create a site from this site template a lot of the functionality

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When to use the Portal Site Connection

In the Site Settings – Site Collection Administration, there is an option for configuring the Portal site connection. I have always wondered what this was for and the online documentation does not really cover what it does. A recent whitepaper

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Configuring Large File Support

The follow large snippet was blatantly taken from Joel Oleson’s post on File Name, Length, Size and Invalid Character Restrictions and Recommendations. I always forget these steps so I’m blogging it to my site so I don’t lose it again. Configuring Large

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