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SharePoint 2013: Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel with authority

I did a recent build of SharePoint 2013 on WIndows Server 2012 R2. This environment was an upgrade from SharePoint 2010 via database attach. After the upgrade a web part consuming an business data (DBC) external content type which referenced

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SharePoint Twitter Webpart now on codeplex

OK this is a bit of shameless cross promotion to my company however the solution is very cool. John DeGiglio recently wrote a 2 part series on developing a web part for displaying a twitter feed in SharePoint 2010. The

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SharePoint Search results not visible for users

Hi Everyone it’s been a long time between posts. A while ago I moved to Synergy Corporate Technologies where I have been blogging on the company website. So what I will do is cross post links to the articles I’m

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SharePoint Search Configuration Gotcha

So after beating my head against the wall for half a day yesterday trying to work out what I had done wrong I finally worked it out. When configuring the windows services search or the office search service from the

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What’s in the long awaited SharePoint Infrastructure Update?

I now also write blog articles for our company blog site. Here is my recent post on what is in the recent SharePoint infrastructure update. Please take time to read it. Thanks,Gavin

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Update on Sharepoint Backup problem post SP1 – OSearch DCOM

Hi All, Microsoft have just released a hotfix to search DCOM permission post SP1 problem which I wrote about previously. The hotfix can be found here.

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Sharepoint Backup problem post SP1 – OSearch DCOM

Hi All, I’ve just stumbled across a problem post MOSS 2007 SP1. After applying SP1 to an existing installation and running a full catastrophic backup it fails on the shared search index item with an error regarding UnauthorizedAccessException.¬† The environment

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System Centre Capacity Planner 2007 – not saving latency bug

If any of you are using the Microsoft System Centre Capacity Planner you might like to know about a bug I discovered yesterday. The bug is that when you edit the model, modify the latency of the site to site

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Great sharepoint 2007 permissions matrix

I just spotted this spreadsheet that Mark Arend has posted. The Sharepoint 2007 permissions matrix is a great reference of the out of box permissions and how they map to the default groups. I’ve printed this one in colour and

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New sharepoint templates available

Microsoft have just released new templates for sharepoint via the Microsoft download site. The first is the “SharePoint Templates: Preformatted document libraries for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 and SharePoint Server 2007“ This download includes stp files for document libraries with

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