MOSS / Sharepoint 2007 SP1 release notes summary

01-DEC-2007, just an update Joel has posted on the official sharepoint team blog a further update on SP1.


Cezary Aniśko has just posted some notes that look like a high level summary of what will be in Sharepoint 2007 SP1. Unfortunately his post is in Polish, which not a language that I know. However there is still plenty of info that can be gathered from his post.

I’m also copying it over there just in case it ‘disappears’.


Service Pack 1 dla MOSS 2007 i WSS 3.0 wniesie:

· Wsparcie instalacji i pracy MOSS 2007 z SP1 i WSS 3.0 z SP 1 na Windows Server 2008. Ze stron Microsoft będzie można pobrać odpowiednio przygotowane pliki instalacyjne MOSS 2007 i WSS 3.0 zawierające w sobie SP1

· Wsparcie technologii AJAX. Możliwe będzie używanie Microsoft AJAX 1.0 Control toolkit dla Microsoft ASP.NET, AJAX 1.0 Extensions dla ASP.NET

· Remote Blob Storage API w WSS 3.0 (937901). Pozwoli ISVs budować providery do składowania plików na zewnątrz SQL Server. Odpowiednie API zostanie dodane do SDK

· SP 1 będzie zawierać w sobie 60 hotfix’ów (MOSS i WSS)

· Nowe komendy STSAdm:

  • Mergecontentdbs – For consolidating or repartitioning site collections across content databases (939035)
  • Rename site – renaming host named site collections (939535)

· People Picker ability to scope to an OU (806244)

Najważniejsze hotfixy zawarte w SP1

• Hotfix 926284: List view web part not retained saving template

• Hotfix 938888: Edit document fails/IE Crash side by side Office

• Hotfix 938663: Timer jobs delayed one hour because of DST

• Hotfix 936867: Inherit permissions causes destructive error (lose permissions to site)

• Hotfix 930807: Cannot open WSS alerts in Outlook cached mode

• Hotfix 932816: Workflow not continue after Pause For Duration

• Hotfix 936867: Export fails with FatalError User cannot be found

• Hotfix 934790: peoplepicker-searchadcustomquery filter broken

• Hotfix 926284: List view web part not retained saving template

• Hotfix 938888: Edit document fails/IE Crash side by side Office

• Hotfix 932091: Hotfix packages break customer deployments primarily

• Hotfix 936867: Inherit perms causes destructive error

• Daylight savings time update

• Fixes to support Indexing Public Folders based on Exchange 2007

• Fixed Crawling IBM Notes Indexing ID access issues

• Fix to Alerts logic to address mails not being sent in specific scenarios

• Migration related fixes

• Important security cross site scripting vulnerability

Obszary ingerencji SP1

Content Managament

§ MOSS: Scrambled data in case of a COMMA in the username, “tp_title”, CommaSeparatedAccounts, _layouts/PageSettings.aspx and peoplepicker

§ File cannot be move to the root of its document library

§ MOSS: “Check for Unpublished items” function shows DBCS word in vertical lines.

§ Access Denied when running spellcheck in a subweb without permission in parent

§ Variations: Create Hierarchies does not Dispose SPWeb resulting in memory leaking with large hierarchies

§ CMS12 – Variation fails with ASP.NET 2.0 webparts.

SharePoint Designer

§ Workflow generated on German MOSS 2007 site with German SharePoint Designer 2007 does not work as expected, falls always through to the fallback

§ WSS 3.0: DateTime field in a “WebPart” cannot be updated in any other languages except US-English and Canada-French

Project Server

§ PSVR2007 Long names in Timesheet view can cause for cumbersome navigating to input time

§ Deadlocks with UpdateTask PSI calls

§ European Extended characters are not correctly displayed by controls in PWA

§ “File not found” error when attempting to create a new issue, risk or deliverable in a project.

§ PRJSVR2007 – Received Unknown error when Import a Timesheet in PWA

§ PSVR2007 : Custom filter for Project Type, in Project Centre view, does not work

§ PWA2007: Project Center Team View does not show RBS code

§ PSVR2007 : Custom Field Default Value box in PWA does not display correctly with multi-level values with long descriptions.

§ PSVR2007 – Assigning two resources to a task with a custom field can cause an ‘unexpected error’ on My Task page

§ IE has encountered a problem with an add-on and needs to close – PJGRID12.ocx

§ PSVR2007 : Unable to view all potential owners in the Project Owner field in the Edit project properties page


§ Error message: “The query server index file location on Server_Name is not shared”

§ Dynamics: URL for search result detail wrong for special characters

§ Manage Search Service provides incorrect data for drive on query server

§ People returned twice on Intranet tab

§ Need a supported method to cleanup/remove orphaned entries in mssdocprops that result in people eing returned multiple times on Intranet tab

§ Advanced search is not working with the property ‘created date’ with site collection

§ needs the ability to exclude content during crawl that is behind a complex url

§ Queries on the live redmond SSP take over 3mins and occasionally timeout during index master merge

§ unable to add best bet with url including a plus sign ‘+’

§ Intermittent site collection usage reports timeout error

§ NTBACKUP always fails with TimeOut Error(0x80042319) on Moss Search Server

§ ‘Refine Your Search’ returns incorrect URLs through a reverse proxy

§ [WSS Search & MOSS Search] stsadm and Web UI do not allow you to reset the service credentials when they become corrupt.

§ Search does not crawl attachment to discussion board

§ Incremental crawl will index http://…/07.020n subsites but full-crawl never

§ Inability to revert a property back to default type

§ Searching for terms with character ‘ in them cause search result error

§ stsadm -o editssp is unable to replace a down indexer with a new value

§ site admin selects add best bets gets access denied

§ Retrieving search results through code, FullTextSqlQuery statement and valid search results omitted when ordering by null or empty columns

§ Advanced search not returning results as expected

MOSS 2007

§ Owstimer memory leak

§ discussion items with a URL in the title and -includeusersecurity cause PRIME import to fail

§ (^) Using audience-based web parts on NTLM based site breaks anonymous access on Forms-Based Authorization site that is mapped to the NTLM site

§ MCMS 2002 to MOSS 2007 migration fails on x64 MOSS server due memory read error (access violation) on SID conversion

§ Availability web control on My Site Profile page off by 1 hour (DST)

§ Personal documents on MySite that was created with language other than the default language has the same permissions than Shared Documents

§ Manager field cannot be updated to null value which causes all users with no manager to be peers

§ New site not saved in the SiteList of sitedirectory

§ Customer needs ability to map datetime fields in BDC against managed property

§ ‘I Need to…’ webpart fails if more than one are on the same page

§ RFH – Search doesn’t process membership for DLs in OUs with a comma in the name

§ SPSv2 –> MOSS: When a v2 portal is upgraded to v3, on subsites that were Topic areas, changing the masterpage doesn’t take effect

§ The ampersand of the image URL displayed on the public page of the Personal Site will be decoded as &


§ WSSv3 – Error at ‘Manage Permissions from Parent’

§ WSS v3 ‘Operation aborted’ error on mouse hover

§ Versioning not applied correctly to documents

§ Resorting Content Type causes template type association to be messed up.

§ RFH: Content-type looses required field during save as template

§ Unable to cancel ItemDeleting event using Drag’n Drop in Explorer View

§ Deadlock failures on ListItem related operations (on multi-proc machines)

§ Import fails for pages with lookup columns

§ Workflow task to copy list item fails if infopath form has more than 15 boolean fields.

§ Group By does not always work correctly for Date/Time columns

§ “Cannot complete this action” error message when creating a list from an STP file when the “EnableAssignToEmail” was set to true in the original list.

§ Calendar items beyond 5th of the month are not displayed in Monthly view if selected date is 1st day of the month

§ Workflow file range condition fails to fire if initial value is 1

§ WSSV3 List Group By Date is Off by One Day

§ Title and alt tag in Webpart Menu Area HTML encoded twice

§ failed to set item based security on list 998th item in a list which has multi value lookup column – incorrect SQL syntax

§ Anonymous user can’t reply to discussion board

Jak wdrożyć SP1 w istniejącym środowisku?

Dla WSS 3.0:

Dla MOSS 2007:

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