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Adobe labs acrobat v8 ifilter for 64bit sharepoint – prerelease

Just stumbled across this on a Google search. Adobe Labs have a pre-release of how to support Adobe Reader v8.1 ifilter on 64bit sharepoint. I’ll admit that I haven’t tested this yet and it involves a 64bit ‘thunking’ layer. In

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Enabling the inbuilt msg ifilter on sharepoint (even 64bit!)

One of our big decisions on the proposed physical architecture of our sharepoint farms has been can we go 64bit on the index server. For us the ability to index .msg files is crucial and until now I thought I

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Configuring Foxit 64bit PDF ifilter

Adir Ron has posted on his blog the instructions for making the Foxit 64bit PDF ifilter work with Sharepoint 2007. Taking from his article is the following reg hack instructions on registering the ifilter with the sharepoint search. After you

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