List of web parts for WSS 3.0 and MOSS 2007

Just found a post on a list for all of the out of the box web parts. The post “To MOSS or not to MOSS, Web Parts may be the answer” is by Ian Morrish.

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  1. ShwetaNS says:

    Can I use Categories WebPart to add my own Functionality to it?
    Can i Create a custome webpart similar to Categories WebPart and use it in any site of WSS 3.0?
    If yes then How?
    Please Help.

    The categories webpart is only on MOSS not on WSS. I’ve been trying to do some customisation of this webpart in the last couple of days but without much success. I’m trying to put in some sort of multi level heirachy of sites, eg click on a ‘Region’ show a list of ‘departments’ click on a department shows a list of sites for that department. However I can’t workout how to do it. Sorry can’t be much more help than this. I’m pretty new to working out what all the webparts do. Regards, Gavin

  2. Donna Coles says:

    Gavin – very early days for me yet with respect to sharepoint and web part development, but what you describe above sounds similar to something we want to achieve. If you do manage to crack it and wish to share your code/web part, please let me know.

  3. gavinadams says:

    Thanks Wolfy.

    I’ve updated the link.

  4. d3vlabs says:

    are there any moss 2007 web parts that have been migrated to wss 3?

  5. Vijay says:

    Bhosdi ke or nahi koi mila chutia banne koooo

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