Just another sharepoint blog……………….

Well Joel Oleson threw down the challenge, that if you read sharepoint blogs, you should do your own sharepoint blog and after reading his post on “The Revolution” and his followup post on how to create a blog, I have joined

I have learned so much about sharepoint and found so many solutions from other bloggers, it was time to start my own blog. 

I’ve posted a couple of articles already but mostly they are just links and snippets from other posts on info that I know I will need again and that I dont wont to loose, especially since the quality of documentation for sharepoint is a little lacking at the moment for the more complex operations.

As a teaser about a month ago I completed a setup of MOSS2007 excel web services publishing SQL2005 analysis services using a pivot table. This required kerberos to complete. That is the painful part. It is not very well documented and we had a case open with microsoft PSS for 3 weeks of solid work to solve it. Over the next week or so I will find some time to document all the steps and make a how to guide for this.

I hope that you enjoy my blog and find it helpful.


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  1. Dave says:

    Is it possible to make adobe acrobat the default program for previewing pdf files? Or so when a pdf is opened it defaults to acrobat instead of opening in the browser?

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